This part of my website is where you can create your own dolls from a great selection of props!  To create a doll, all you need to do is just drag each prop that you would like to use into one of the different colored dressing rooms in the center.  You then simply piece the props together until you achieve the desired look.  There is no way to save a doll as a whole image from the page, but you can save them by doing the following.  When you have your doll ready to save, you press the Print Screen button, which is located on your keyboard.  You won't notice anything happening at this time, but what it does is to make a snapshot of the whole screen.  You then need to open a graphics program, such as Paint Shop Pro, MSPaint, etc.  Once your graphics program is open, you do an edit paste.  That should paste in the snapshot that was made when you pressed the Print Screen button.  Then all you need to do is to crop the doll out of the entire image, and save it to your hard drive, preferably as a transparent gif, if possible.   










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